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  • Running a successful community is not the easier of jobs, not is it cheap. Our management team have put together a donation scheme in order to give those who financially support the community so we can cover the costs of our server infrastructure, forums and software licensing etc. We have two packages, one is a monthly subscription and other is a once of payment. Some of the available perks are listed below. All contributions, big or small, are are greatly appreciated and go a long way to helping us keep our servers running. This new scheme is to give back, this will NOT give an in game advantage to those who gain our donation rewards .


    Donator - £10/month

    • Donator tag and name color on the forums.
    • Access to donator forum section.
    • Custom forum title (above avatar on forum posts).
    • Ability to set profile song
    • TeamSpeak tag.
    • Ability to set your teamspeak description.
    • More to come...

    Lifetime Supporter - £100

    • Lifetime Supporter tag & name color on forums.
    • Access to donator and a lifetime supporter only section on the forums.
    • Custom Forum title (above avatar on forum posts).
    • Larger profile picture file size.
    • Ability to set profile song.
    • Lifetime Supporter teamspeak tag.
    • Ability to set your teamspeak description.
    • Your own private teamspeak channel.
    • More to come...

    * Will become available when implemented / released.

    Community Award

    We are also introducing a new donation feature that will benefit the whole community. When we achieve our £200 monthly donation goal, for the first week of the following month the below will come into effect:

    • All sell prices for items on the server will be increased by 50%.
    • All salary's will be increased by 50%.
    • All XP awarded is increased by 25%.

    We hope to build upon these packages in the future, however, we need to remain within the boundaries of Bohemia Interactive's monetization policies. If you have any suggestions feel free to send them to a Management team member and we will look into it!

    If you donate and do not receive in game perks, please message @Marshall on the forums with your Steam64ID and PayPal transaction ID.

    After Transaction:

    When you complete your transaction, please private message @Marshall on the forums to get your tag. You will receive a response which will include a privilege key to set your teamspeak tag, if you are unsure on how to use this contact any Staff member for assistance.

    That's it, all of your perks should now be active. We would like to thank you for your contribution to Britannia Roleplay, and we hope you enjoy yourself here!

    Terms & Conditions:

    • Donations are considered as voluntary contributions and are final, therefore there are no refunds.
    • Charging back on any donation will result in your benefits being removed and a possible ban.
    • Abusing the powers provided to you, be it on the forums or teamspeak will lead to a ban.
    • Donating does not protect you from being banned and you will be treated as anyone else if reported or caught breaking rules.


    July Donations

    Running a community is not cheap! Any and all donations are appreciated and go straight back into the community.

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  • Donation Goals

    July Donations

    Running a community is not cheap! Any and all donations are appreciated and go straight back into the community.

    $0.00 of $200.00 Donate Now
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